Remote Control All-Terrain Mowers by Spider

AutoMow, Spider's U.S. Stocking Distributor

Specialized Equipment for the Commercial Mowing of Slopes and Large or Hard-to-Mow Areas


Award Winning Design

Spider Mowers have received countless awards for excellence in the areas of design, construction, innovation and safety. 

Mow Smarter


  • No Machine Rollover Risk
  • Avoid Ankle Breaks, Slips, and Falls From Conventional Equipment
  • Eliminate Harmful Fumes
  • Low Fuel Consumption
  • Quiet Operation
  • Light Weight Aluminium Alloy Construction
  • Mow Areas Previously Only Maintainable by Weedwackers

Send AutoMow through the hazards and keep yourself out.

Sweet Moves

Spider’s patented remote control all-terrain mowers provide countless benefits including low cost operation and unmatched safety of operation across a wide variety of commercial lawn care industry applications.

AutoMow’s specially engineered drive system enables omnidirectional “dancing step” mowing without the need for complicated maneuvering. Equipped with four-wheel drive forward and backward versatility, alongside an unlimited 360-degree turning radius, are just a few of the many features that make AutoMow the perfect industry solution.


All Terrain, All Slopes

Effortlessly cut on all types of terrain at up to a 55° slope. Tall, overgrown vegetation and rough terrains are no problem for AutoMow.


Keep yourself out of harm’s way while AutoMow chops through areas that are hard to reach or dangerous to maintain via the comfort and convenience of AutoMow’s remote control operation.

High Speed, High Efficiency

AutoMow’s unique design enables you to reduce your time spent mowing. Mow up to 4x faster, including areas previously only maintainable by weedwackers, or even less efficient means.


Keep your crew safe by maintaining dangerous areas like busy highway medians and overpasses and around California wildfires. Send your mower to do the work and keep yourself and your crew out of danger.

The Mower Your Maintenance Crew Will Thank You For